Islamic Studies for Beginners
MG Academy

Madina Gateway Academy

The FIrst Islamic College of Peterborough


This beginners course is a modular programme in the core Islamic disciplines doctrine (Aqeedah) and Law (Fiqh) as well as other subjects (see below) taught by traditional trained and authorised teacher(s). It will provide an outline of the absolute essential knowledge every muslim should know regarding ones faith and worship. The programme is intended for adults (14+) and designed to be accessible to a range of students from different walks of way. Upon the completion of study, students will have acquired good foundational knowledge in the core discplines as well as an exposure to formal islamic studies. 

The course is based on traditional understanding of Sunni doctrine and Hanafi school of law. The modules taught have been outlined in the section below. 
This course is for brothers and sisters - register by completing the registration form.

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Payment (One off payment of £250 ) must be made to complete your registration for the course. We do not wish to restrict the seekers of knowledge - those that are unable to afford the course fee PLEASE contact us. 

No Refund Policy - Please note, once the payment for the course has been made, refunds will not be issued should you decide to leave the course.

Days / Times: 

Level 1 : Every Sunday | 11am - 1pm | Level 2 : Every Friday | 7pm, - 9pm

Venue: Madina Gateway Academy | 316 Clarence Road | PE1 2LQ

Tutor: Mufti Abdul Qadeer (Head Imam at Masjid Ghousia)

All Course Materials will be provided!



To understand the importance of seeking Sacred Knowledge

To comprehend the inner and outer dimensions of seeking knowledge

To recognise the dignified etiquettes required when studying the religion

Etiquettes of a Student

Prophets Life (Meccan)


Understanding the early context in which Islam emerged.

Understanding the perfection of Allah’s Prophet (peace be upon him), even before Islam.

Understanding the application of the Prophet’s life to the modern age.

Unseen Worlds


To introduce key Islamic doctrines pertaining to the Unseen.

To provide a scriptural basis for learned doctrines.

To understand rational justifications for these beliefs.



Understanding the importance of purification in Islam.

purification as a pre-requisite for worship.

Understanding the spiritual
implications of ablution.

Spiritual Beginnings


Understanding the inner traits of a human.

Understanding our spiritual growth is dependent on improving our

Changing our mindset to prepare for success in the Afterlife.

Devils Trap


Assess yourself and synthesise effective plans to support your own spiritual growth.

Define the different types of ego and explain how to identify your type.

Describe the fundamental ways for purifying the heart


Fiqh of Prayer


Understanding the significance of prayer.

Understanding how prayer is affected by extenuating circumstances.

Understanding the spiritual implications of prayer.


Understanding the core beliefs of Islam.

Understanding the nature of free-will and destiny.

Identifying beliefs which lead to disbelief.

Connection to Qur'an


To attach to the Qur'ān and gain closeness to Allāh Almighty.

To understand the meanings of certain chapters of the Qur'ān.

To evaluating our own lives in light of the Qur'ān.