Tajweed for Men

The FIrst Islamic College of Peterborough

Madina Gateway Academy

Tajweed - Qur'an Class for Men

MGA Essential Courses are all about essential knowledge we all must know and practice.

Allah subhanahu wa ta' 'ala’ says: 

 “and recite the Qur’an clearly with tartil (in a distinct and measured tone).” (Quran 73:4)

Madina Gateway Academy, the first Islamic College of Peterborough, is excited to announce this new course covering the essentials of Tajweed - correct/sound articulation of Qur'anic Arabic. Everyone should learn how to  recite the Qur'an properly and it is NEVER too late to start learning.

Qur'an class for Men is taught by a graduate of Jamia Al Karam and Qur'an teacher with several years of experience. This course aims to teach you how to recite the Qur’an in accordance with the rules of Tajweed, develop fluency in recitation, learn Qur’anic Arabic rules of recitation.

The course is ideal for:

  • anyone who was not able to get the opportunity to learn to read the Qur'an properly when young,
  • for new Muslims or
  • for people who just want to re-learn their basic Arabic properly.

Payment £10 per month  (enrolment is open) - 4hrs a month.

Day / Time: Sunday 9th February 2020 11am-12pm 

Venue: Madina Gateway Academy | 316 Clarence Road | PE1 2LQ

Tutor: Ustadh Faraz Abid

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